The American Cycling League was established in 2018 and is currently owned and operated by the Detroit Fitness Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit, which also owns ACL’s headquarters – the Lexus Velodrome in downtown Detroit – USA.  

ACL’s mission is to develop races and riders to compete on 1/10th and 1/8th mile (166m & 200m) wood velodromes similar to the velodromes of the roaring 1920s.  ACL’s revenue above expenses is used to support its non-profit programming to improve quality of life for the underserved in the community.

The ACL’s focus is on the game of bike racing: the MADISON TEAM RACE. Developed at Madison Square Garden in 1899 (thus the name),  the Madison is a 2-rider relay race for points and laps. With wild rider exchanges, extreme skills and high speed jams, it is the most exciting game played on a velodrome or, arguably in all of sports. Complementing the Madison on the ACL race docket are the Elimination, the Chase, and the Keirin (a gambler’s favorite).  This race program moves the needle on track racing worldwide by showcasing the talent, speed and technical savvy of athletes racing around a 50° wall on bikes without brakes. It is amazing.

The ACL intends to expand to 5 additional locations in North America by 2025. Each franchise will have an organization and facility similar to DFF’s Lexus Velodrome.  

ACL Franchises will have two objectives: 
1.) Provide free and low cost fitness opportunities for residents in their city so as to instill a healthy lifestyle
2.) Develop Professional and Olympic riders, establish races for worldwide viewership and generate revenue to support those riders, races and subsidizes the #1 objective – free and low cost fitness programming for the underserved.

Requirements for a new Owner of an ACL franchise:
1.) Agree to support the dual mission of the ACL:
  a.) Develop professional riders and races
  b.) Provide free to low-cost fitness programming for the underserved.
2.) Agree to focus on the main game – the Madison Team Race
3.) Establish a business structure similar to DFF/LV via a 501c3 non-profit to own/operate your indoor facility
4.) Build an indoor world class 1/10th or 1/8th mile wood velodrome with additional fitness areas, equipment and a bar.

Cost to own a ACL franchise:
1.) $10,000 franchising fee 
2.) Secure site in a downtown setting in a major US/Canadian city
3.) Provide $6-8 million dollars to design, build and own an indoor 1/10th or 1/8th mile wood velodrome arena, similar to the Lexus Velodrome in Detroit.

The ACL is currently 100% owned by DFF and that percentage will be reduced upon the addition of new franchises.  Each new franchise will own its own facility, retain its facility revenue and share equally in ACL broadcast and marketing revenues. Each franchise will have equal votes in the operations and scheduling of ACL events, programming and marketing decisions. Chairman of the ACL Dale Hughes will retain veto rights on all ACL issues until all 6 franchises are established and in operation for 2 years. 

The ACL plans to catapult its format into the now and into the future by borrowing from its rich past. Crossing into the roaring 2020s, the ACL recreates the feel of Madison Square Garden with a small track format and an intimate setting. Infields will be peppered with our own great racers and celebrity spectators, enjoying the game and sipping a beverage from the infield Spoke Easy Lounge. Unique in this time, the ACL format was developed in the image of Your Great Grandfather’s Extreme Sport.

In the new roaring 2020s, the formula is updated with a shorter, more intense program and a wider audience – worldwide. Media exposure across every platform. Technology will move our needle. Join us now!  

— Dale Hughes, Chairman